#StandDown: Twitterers slam Obama administration for denying help to CIA operators in Benghazi


The Twitterverse is still reeling from this morning’s bombshell report about CIA officers in Benghazi being told to stand down after requesting help during last month’s deadly attacks. While the lapdog media is trying its hardest to bury this story, truth-seeking Twitterers are doing their part to keep it at the forefront of people’s minds. They launched the #standdown hashtag and are wielding it like a truncheon to pound the Obama administration and its shameful defenders:

It is our duty to speak for those who were left to die in #Benghazi We stand with Charlie Woods #StandDown #Watergate #WeThePeople

— Joy (@midlifechick) October 26, 2012

I am a soldier and I am angry. I live by the Soldier’s Creed. “…. I will never leave a fallen comrade.” #Benghazi #StandDown

— Jeff Macdonald (@SoGoSwell) October 26, 2012

@msnbc disgusting that you talked about O’s sick ad about the “first time” but won’t talk about Benghazi#StandDownbunch of hacks

—Tracy (@ocdred) October 26, 2012

Do NOT let Hillary bury that she knew ALL this and still stood in front of our dead and REPEATED OBAMA’S LIE. #StandDown

— richard mcenroe (@richard_mcenroe) October 26, 2012

Obama loves to #StandDown when it comes to reducing debt, poverty and unemployment too!#Bengazi #TyroneWoods

— GOPMommy(@gopmommy) October 26, 2012

America: We can no longer #StandDown & allow this nation to be destroyed by a #hipsterpresident who covets celebrity over national security.

— Tami Marler (@tamimarler) October 26, 2012

Amazing how high #StandDown is trending but the media refuses to cover the news.

— Bed Bug Information (@BedBugsInfo) October 26, 2012

Mr. President, you leave Americans to slaughter, arm cartels, arm terrorists, uneducated on our economy and military. #StandDown

— Jacob Chaney (@rattlesnakeDTOM) October 26, 2012

I have two feeds exclusively of reporters on Twitter. Guess what’s not being talked about? Benghazi. #StandDown

— Melissa Clouthier (@MelissaTweets) October 26, 2012

#standdown #benghazi #getoutobama Do you think other countries admire us now?

— Finlay O’Shea (@FinlayOShea) October 26, 2012

@abc @cbs @nbc @cnn @pbs @this_is_npr The #StandDown aspect of #Benghazi merits reporting.Do it for #TyroneWoods

— The Anti-Socialist (@g8torcat) October 26, 2012

The Obama Administration is indefensible. To defend it at this point shows an incredible lack in judgement or intelligence. #standdown #tcot

— Brandon Buss (@brandonbuss) October 26, 2012

Imagine fighting for hours hoping, praying for reinforcements. #StandDown Who gave that order?

— Erich Dyer (@i3r3akd0wn) October 26, 2012

US Navy SEALS do NOT #StandDown …and thank God for that. #StandUpAmerica.

— Deb Vaughn (@oriolemom) October 26, 2012

Tyrone woods is a true American hero. American heroes never #standdown

— Riley O’Brien (@Riley_RJO) October 26, 2012

I see a landslide coning Nov 6th.We will not #StandDown

— Gary Whitney (@GaryWhitney) October 26, 2012

Kinda like this plan.RT @dexteramericus: Time for Admin to #StandDown . Time for the people to gather #PitchforksAndTorches

— Michelle Ray (@GaltsGirl) October 26, 2012

Time for Obama to #StandDown. I can’t take any more of this…

— Brent Teichman (@BrentTeichman) October 26, 2012

Neither can we.

Since this latest news about the White House’s criminal negligence came to light, President Obama has lied through his teeth — again — and claimed that he had no knowledge of additional security requests in Benghazi. To borrow a favorite expression of his, those are the words of a bona fide bullsh*tter. Shameful.

Obama wants Americans to #StandDown well..that is NOT going to happen. We will be heard we WILL demand truth #Benghazi

— PatriotOfAKind (@PatriotOfAKind) October 26, 2012

Absolutely. President Obama wants nothing more than for the truth to go up in smoke, but the blood on his hands cannot be washed away. We will fight to keep this story — and the memories of the four brave men whose lives were cut short — very much alive.

Tyrone Woods, outgunned, outmanned, told to #StandDown in #Benghazi… and he went in anyway. Rest in peace, hero. You did us proud. #tcot

— RB (@RBPundit) October 26, 2012

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