Stephen King: Please make CNN stop with the plane coverage’!/StephenKing/status/457261880340643841

Author Stephen King has had enough of CNN’s round-the-clock coverage of Malaysian Airlines Flight 370, and he’s not alone. Those two tweets have been favorited nearly 2,000 times and counting.

Mia Farrow very well might have inspired a new King novel.!/MiaFarrow/status/456917079371685889

Is anyone else out there ready to move on?!/ArchStanton52/status/457273877853257728!/wizardofcause/status/457262157043105792!/TellEmSteveDave/status/457271441227251712!/Matt_Marino/status/457267004211470336!/cmdeb/status/457266136774488064!/bonorattle/status/457262668186148864!/davidcaolo/status/457261966441324544!/Fake_Dispatch/status/457268286271406080

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