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That’s Not A Storm Ready To Terrorize A Rural Area. It’s Way, Way, Way Better Than That.

Look to the sky. What would you do if you saw a churning, moving mass floating above your head? What if the sky was filled with small bodies, all beautifully and inexplicably moving as if they were one? If you’re anything like me, then you would probably have a small heart attack. The sight would almost be too beautiful and strange to process. If you have ever seen a starling murmuration in person, then you’d know that the display of these flocking birds is a wondrous and […]

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This Is What Your Favorite Pet Shop Bird Actually Looks Like In The Wild

A budgerigar, or parakeet, is a popular bird in pet shops around the world. They are always happy to chirp and play…in fact, they look like they are permanently thrilled with life! But do you know what they look like in the wild? Parakeets search for food and water in the outback of Australia while flying in small flocks. From time to time, though, the flocks join together and form a large murmuration. That’s a lot of parakeets. People may think Australia is frightening because of the […]

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