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‘Stick to beer pong’: Vietor tries mocking scandals, makes Obama look stupid instead

http://twitter.com/#!/JohnEkdahl/status/477503656145592320 Tommy Vietor may no longer be NSC spokesman, but he’s still a crackerjack damage control specialist. Have a look: http://twitter.com/#!/TVietor08/status/477502591601885184 When in doubt, make a mockery of deadly scandals. Tommy is, like, so professional. http://twitter.com/#!/bfinstock/status/477504616280494080 Dude! Yeah, that’s him. http://twitter.com/#!/VodkaPundit/status/477507353835601920 http://twitter.com/#!/JimmyPrinceton/status/477504379071639552 Seriously. http://twitter.com/#!/SooperMexican/status/477505319916941312 The dude can’t help it. http://twitter.com/#!/back_ttys/status/477503998115590144 And he didn’t even list them all. http://twitter.com/#!/EdMorrissey/status/477503813029355520 Here are a few more to add to the list, broheim: http://twitter.com/#!/JammieWF/status/477509392384806912 OK, so he sucks at lists. At least he knows how to make Obama look good, right? […]

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