The Trees Are Taking Over And They’ll Stop At Nothing. We Have The Pictures To Prove It.

The trees will inherit the Earth, and there’s nothing we can do to stop them. Their devious plot to destroy humanity is not known to many, but rest assured they’re coming. When humans turn their back on nature… nature finds a way to win. In the end, nature conquers all. We’ve put ourselves at great risk to bring you photographic proof of the trees’ plot in action.

1.) Trees are learning how to play human musical instruments.

2.) They’re secretly controlling our local governments.

3.) They’re slowly destroying our old homes.

4.) Paving stones cannot hold them.

5.) Some trees are finding religion by destroying old temples.

6.) The roots. They’re spreading.

7.) Buddha vs. Tree.

8.) No more tree enslavement.

9.) Down with this sort of structure.

10.) This tree ate a child.

11.) A few trees are even learning geometric art.

12.) It’s beautiful, until they come for you.

13.) It was a trap.

14.) Only destruction awaits.

15.) “Please let us in to destroy you.” – The Trees.

16.) Plotting for something.

17.) Soon.

18.) Tree death from above.

19.) Hmm. Must be a coded message.

20.) They’re getting smarter.

21.) Some have even learned how to overcome our chain link defenses.

22.) It may already be too late.

H/T: Bored Panda With enough years, nothing can stop these trees. No amount of concrete, chains or bricks can slow their march. … That’s it. I herby swear loyalty to our new arborous overlords. Before you do too, make sure to share this post on Facebook by clicking below.

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