These 30 Family Photos Are So Bizarre That You’ll Cringe For Days. What The?!

If you are embarrassed by your family, we have good news for you: it could be much, much worse. There are families are way more awkward than yours could ever be. Not only that, but they have photo documentation to prove it. It’s hard to say what was going through their heads when they took these photos. All we know is that the results range from funny to downright bizarre.

1.) Too old. Way too old for this.

2.) The parents and the kid are competing for “Who’s Creepiest?”

3.) This is a bathtub full of strange.

4.) And he sits upon a throne of Colt 45…

5.) The over-the-shoulder looks may be the worst.

6.) I feel bad for that tree.

7.) All you need to see is the bottom-left. LOL.

8.) Always say “no” to matching outfits.

9.) Always.

10.) If your family photo has anything to do with being naked or dragons, just don’t do it.

11.) Rainbows were just ruined for me.

12.) “Thanks, grandma!”

13.) I don’t think these kids got the memo.

14.) Hydroelectric plants are so sweet.

15.) There’s something sinister about this photo, but what…

16.) I think someone wishes it was his birthday.

17.) You gotta admit. They own this.

18.) Little Red Riding Hood is afraid of grandma, not the wolf.

19.) Add this to the list of things you shouldn’t do with Easter eggs.

20.) There’s nothing about this I understand.

21.) Too cool for school?

22.) Care Bears shouldn’t be terrifying.

23.) I think someone wasn’t ready for the picture.

24.) … just… no.

25.) Terror: it’s what brings brothers together.

26.) Dat hair.

27.) Because children should have chainsaws.

28.) She’s alive, right?

29.) Someone’s just not having this photo.

(H/T Complex) Be thankful you were never forced to wear matching sweaters for a family photo. And if you were… we are very, very sorry. Share the hilarity with others by clicking on the button below!

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