This Girl Was Always Scared Of Her Grandpa’s Study As A Kid. Now She Knows Why…Whoa.

This woman’s grandfather served in the Navy for the United States during World War II. After the war was over, he became very interested in collecting WWII memorabilia, especially items related to the Nazis. As he got older, he began to lose his memory to dementia. So, his granddaughter ventured into his study where he kept his collection in an effort to organize and label his things. She couldn’t believe what she found.

She was always a little bit creeped out by her grandfather’s study.

Probably due to the umbrella stand full of Nazi swords.

There were many long swords, finely decorated, presumably for Nazi party members.

There was, of course, an obligatory creepy doll stashed away in the closet.

A Nazi mug.

Another mug, complete with a devil shooting a bomb out of his bottom.

Nope, that isn’t threatening.

What appeared to be a first model Air Force dagger, adopted in 1934.

Yet another dagger…

Only this one delicately decorated on the broad side of the blade.

“Blood and Honor.” This was the standard Hitler youth knife.

Meaning it was handed out to children.

And this is her grandpa George, the collector.

Being able to look back in time like this is mind-blowing. It’s hard to believe these items were really made for the Nazi party.


If you have any information about the items in this post, please contact the original poster so she can identify them for her grandfather. Share and help her organize his legacy.

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