This Is The Most Sick And Twisted Thing I’ve Seen In A While. Fortunately, We’re Killing It.

A demented trend that some senseless people are doing has recently surfaced… and it’ll make you sick to your stomach. If you haven’t noticed yet, many people are obsessed with their smart phones. Not only that, but they love to take pictures of themselves (known as “selfies”). Via Instagram and Twitter, it was discovered that these young people have started taking “homeless selfies.” And it has sadly caught on in a big way.

They have been showing a blatant disregard for their fellow man.

These young people, when they come across someone on the streets, take pictures with them.

They violate their rights.

Not only that, but it’s massively insulting.

These are people that are in need of HELP, not ridicule.

Seeing these pictures could make anyone’s blood boil.

That’s why a Tumblr is setting out to stop it.

Selfies With Homeless People is a website that gathers these disgusting photos…

They hope to make people angry.

Because if people get angry enough, maybe they’ll help donate to their local shelters or organizations that help the needy.

So if you want to see less of these terrible pictures, donate.

Help the homeless.

Don’t show them such disrespect, it makes others sick.

ViralNova, along with several other Web sites, have decided to take this sick trend and use it to raise awareness and money for the homeless. What we want to do is turn it into something good. If you want to do your part to help stop people from taking these awful pictures, please donate to City Harvest, Habitat for Humanity or any local charity that helps the homeless. And if you see anyone trying to take a selfie with a homeless person… well, take a selfie with them. Share this with others. End this idiotic fad.

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