This Is What You Should Eat When You’re Feeling Sick…Or Hungover.

Whether you overdid it on the booze the night before or going into battle with a cold or flu, it’s always a headache (literally) when you wake up feeling like roadkill. No matter what your grandma or best friend tells you about their own sure fire cure-alls, these items have been proven by science to help take the edge of a sore head, stomach and other common ailments.

Stock up on these before cold and flu season starts…or your next bender.

1.) Citrus: Though vitamin C has been ruled out as an old wive’s tale for a common cold cure, the pulp of citrus does contain flavanoids which help boost immune systems.

2.) Spicy Food: If you have a stomach ache, steer clear. But if your sinuses are backed up, spicy food works as a great natural decongestant.

3.) Tea: Hot drinks help alleviate congestion and soothe sore throats. Green tea is especially helpful with infection fighting antioxidants.

4.) Coconut Water: Better than sports drinks with nasty chemicals and dyes in them, this natural option is just as effective at replenishing electrolytes.

5.) Crackers: Go with unsalted or lightly salted crackers to help ease digestion issues.

6.) Toast: Like crackers, the high starch and bland options helps ease queasy stomachs as well as helping your liver get back to regulating your blood sugar after being distracted by alcohol.

7.) Asparagus: Extracts in the leaves and spears can help boost up enzymes that breakdown while drinking heavily.

8.) Bananas: They’re packed full of potassium and help replenish electrolytes lost while sweating out the flu.

9.) Broth soup: Classic chicken noodle includes an amino acid called cysteine which helps get rid of mucus build up when you have a cold.

10.) Eggs: The protein helps stabilize your blood sugar and the cystine helps break down toxins.

11.) Ginger: Drinking ginger tea or flat ginger ale can help with soothing nausea.

12.) Honey: Add it to your tea to bump up the anti-oxidant levels.

13.) Popsicles: They’re a tasty way to soothe a sore throat and stay hydrated.

14.) Prickly Pears: The spiky fruit found on cacti is full of anti-inflammatory agents.

15.) Quinoa: This super grain contains amino acids which can be helpful after a night of heavy drinking.

16.) Tomato Juice: As long as it’s not a Bloody Mary, the juice provides you with vitamins, minerals and much needed hydration.

(via Rodale News and Greatist.)

Looks like I have some grocery shopping to do before the weekend. No more hangovers for me!

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