Tolerance: Libs call black Republican Ken Blackwell ‘Uncle Tom’ for defending GOP from false accusations of voter suppression!/alpha1906/status/265993251058774016

Blackwell appeared tonight on MSNBC, where he shot down ridiculous accusations from the likes of Chris Matthews that the GOP has targeted minorities for voter suppression. That didn’t sit well with many on the Left, who quickly brandished the “Uncle Tom” label:

Lawd, this Uncle Tom in Ohio (former Sec of State Ken Blackwell) is really trying to defend this voter suppression bullshit in Ohio. #MSNBC

— Patrik-Ian Polk (@PatrikIanPolk) November 7, 2012

Ken Blackwell is an Uncle Tom…Chris…don’t waste your time on this fool.

— GStuedler (@GStuedler) November 7, 2012

Ken Blackwell= Uncle Tom

— Eugene Stephenson IV (@Imma_GENE_Us) November 7, 2012

@sneakymxr oh look our ole friend uncle tom blackwell!

— Beth (@bethraesmith) November 7, 2012

Blackwell is a freaking uncle Tom. It’s disgusting

— Mitch (@FCneoTokyo) November 7, 2012

@gratepool Ha! are you watching MSNBC w/ traitor Blackwell?

— owenscomp (@owenscomp) November 7, 2012

Ken #blackwell is a #traitor to this nation. this man makes me sick. #msnbc2012

— Barry Jive (@RealBarryJive) November 7, 2012

Ken Blackwell is a a fuckin Uncle Tom 😒 and he talk sssllloooowwww as hell unless he’s interrupting some one 😑

— Lord finesse(@_Bambino) November 7, 2012

Ken Blackwell’s uncle tom ass is getting READ by MSNBC! lol

— Danielle B (@iDannieB) November 7, 2012

Ken Blackwell needs to sit his Uncle Tom ass all the way the f*k down!! Asswipe

— Gbenga Solitude (@SolitudeChosen) November 7, 2012

Ken Blackwell you fucking Uncle Tom Piece of shit

— McCuffin!!!! (@drocthekid) November 7, 2012

Liberal tolerance, ladies and gentlemen.

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