Top 20 things people hate about Facebook!/TheJakeShort/status/188363027668668416

#ThingsIHateAboutFacebook? When people you've spoke to about once want you to play on their virtual farm…

— Marc Wright (@mxrcwright) April 6, 2012

#ThingsIHateAboutFacebook the new Timeline

— Conquer The Season (@FlyVisionary) April 6, 2012

#ThingsIHateAboutFacebook can't say whats really on my mind… mom is on there

— aviance williams (@xoxoEnjoixoxo) April 6, 2012

#ThingsIHateAboutFacebook It's deceiving, Those thousands of people are not your "Friends" maybe 3 are….

— Mr.Tweet.Ya.Girl (@Majestics_Papi) April 6, 2012

#ThingsIHateAboutFacebook people think they have the right to poke me…

— Jo Rowling Net (@JoRowlingNet) April 6, 2012

#ThingsIHateAboutFacebook everything's a competition

— Lucy (@lucythreader) April 6, 2012

#ThingsIHateAboutFacebook when a persons profile pic is them eating the face of their boyfriend/girlfriend

— Nicolette Street (@NicoletteStreet) April 6, 2012

#thingsihateaboutfacebook it's more like STALKbook, you can see what everyone is doing ._.

— AJ (@aaprilovely) April 6, 2012

#ThingsIHateAboutFacebook all the family that's on it 😒

— Lindsyyy (@LovelyLindsy) April 6, 2012


— Rana Odeh (@RanaOdeh69) April 6, 2012

#ThingsIHateAboutFacebook Being tagged in random photos .

— Sloane Peterson (@colorrMEbadd) April 6, 2012!/wethinkmiley/status/188365549498150912!/selinadenmark/status/188363705048764416

#ThingsiHateAboutFacebook When someone posts a child with Cancer for "Likes"

— ヨナタン (@ABoysThoughts) April 6, 2012

#ThingsIHateAboutFacebook – You can't update your status every 5 minutes, like on Twitter, without people thinking you're crazy.

— funnyorfact (@funnyorfact) April 6, 2012!/quotingjokes/status/188360810916093952

#ThingsIHateAboutFacebook "Like my status if.."

— Eddie Garcia (@TheeeSickestKid) April 6, 2012

#Thingsihateaboutfacebook When people delete their comments and it looks like I'm talking to myself!

— Bitch please ♚ (@ItsThingsInLife) April 6, 2012

#ThingsIHateAboutFacebook 4th graders being in a complicated relationship. What'd he do, steal your animal crackers?

— DΛNIEL (@TheDanielSean) April 6, 2012

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