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‘I can’t get a massage’? Conditions worsen for journos in Sochi [pic]!/sarahlyall/status/431093474650103809 Forget the toilets for two and complimentary hotel room DNA deposits. That’s not the worst of it for media covering the Sochi Winter Olympics.!/NailaJeanMeyers/status/431094498077052928!/venetianblonde/status/431093704179208192 We snicker at journos and their freaky and hilarious “Sochi problems,” and on this one, we’re laughing with them. But here’s some sobering (and much-needed) perspective from chess champ and Human Rights Foundation chairman Garry Kasparov.!/Kasparov63/status/431125583184285696!/Kasparov63/status/431127336743096320!/Kasparov63/status/431141421991878656!/Kasparov63/status/431142996596502529!/Kasparov63/status/431150632641503232 Related: Garry Kasparov on Winter Olympics: ‘Selection of Sochi was a sick joke’ ‘Dangerous face water’: Journos in Sochi live-tweet […]

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