He Was Homeless for 30 Years, But This Man Still Has Some Serious Talent.

Ryan is a homeless man. He has called the streets of Edmonton, Canada, his home for over 30 years. One day, he came across a public piano in Churchill Square and started playing the most beautiful music.

People were shocked by what he could do.

(Source: VVRoz P)

Ryan later said that he was raised in a foster home before being adopted by a loving Christian family. He later married and had a daughter, but when his daughter was 9 years old, she and her mother died in a car crash. After feeling like he didn’t have anyone left in life, he chose to live on the streets.

Ryan says that his love for Jesus and music keeps him going, and that he is completely self-taught. He learned to play piano by going into music stores.

Hopefully his passions keep him strong throughout the rest of his life.

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