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Girl Sings To An Adorable Kitten Fighting To Stay Awake: Cutest. Thing. Ever.

This video below is proof that music soothes the “savage beast”…and well…kitties, too! Watch as Sarah Donner sings a song she wrote herself called ‘Treeline’ to her adorable kitten, Lady Peanuts. Even though the kitten is feeling super tired, she fights to stay awake just to hear that beautiful music a moment longer. (Source: Sarah Donner) I love how the kitten seemed shocked and even disappointed when the music stopped. She clearly didn’t want it to end…just like me! Beautiful cat and music. Share this sleepy kitty with […]

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Young Musicians Surprise Mall Goers With A Magical Flash Mob Performance.

Shoppers at the Pacific Place mall in Hong Kong got a magical surprise when the Metropolitan Youth Orchestra of Hong Kong gave a surprise flash mob performance. This musical flash mob is one of the greatest I’ve ever seen, and even more so when you consider how young a lot of these talented kids are! Everything about this is just so magical; how quickly they appear, perform so beautifully, and when it’s over, it’s over. They melt into the crowd. It’s almost like a “let down” because […]

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He Yelled At His Daughter…When She Finally Listened, This Amazing Thing Happened

If you’ve ever visited a European country, you know that street performers are everywhere. If they’re particularly talented, it’s not uncommon to also find a large crowd gathered to watch and listen. But when one dad and his daughter came across a violinist in Trieste, Italy, they stopped for a different reason… He started yelling to her, “Do it!” Like any other teen, though, she was reluctant to listen to her dad. YouTube / ismet Thankfully for us all…she finally did. What took place next is nothing […]

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