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‘Wow!’ Obama & his ‘red lines’ brutally spanked as Ukraine bloodbath continues

http://twitter.com/#!/Kasparov63/status/436508081476759553 Horrifying images and reports of dozens more dead in Ukraine as a bloody war zone replaced the “truce” in just hours: http://twitter.com/#!/patrickdehahn/status/436510937403916288 Today's death toll in #Ukraine Officially 32. Reliable free speaking TV channel says 60 Protest leader on stage says 100. #euromaidan— Tim White (@TWMCLtd) February 20, 2014 http://twitter.com/#!/BBCDanielS/status/436507963113865216 http://twitter.com/#!/nycjim/status/436467620850569216 http://twitter.com/#!/ChristopherJM/status/436501631279312896 Chess champ and Human Rights Foundation chair Garry Kasparov has already tied the bloodshed in Ukraine to Obama’s incompetence. What does he think of Obama’s pathetic “big bad mom jeans” warning that there “will […]

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‘I can’t get a massage’? Conditions worsen for journos in Sochi [pic]

http://twitter.com/#!/sarahlyall/status/431093474650103809 Forget the toilets for two and complimentary hotel room DNA deposits. That’s not the worst of it for media covering the Sochi Winter Olympics. http://twitter.com/#!/NailaJeanMeyers/status/431094498077052928 http://twitter.com/#!/venetianblonde/status/431093704179208192 We snicker at journos and their freaky and hilarious “Sochi problems,” and on this one, we’re laughing with them. But here’s some sobering (and much-needed) perspective from chess champ and Human Rights Foundation chairman Garry Kasparov. http://twitter.com/#!/Kasparov63/status/431125583184285696 http://twitter.com/#!/Kasparov63/status/431127336743096320 http://twitter.com/#!/Kasparov63/status/431141421991878656 http://twitter.com/#!/Kasparov63/status/431142996596502529 http://twitter.com/#!/Kasparov63/status/431150632641503232 Related: Garry Kasparov on Winter Olympics: ‘Selection of Sochi was a sick joke’ ‘Dangerous face water’: Journos in Sochi live-tweet […]

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