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What He Did After Heavy Snowfall Drove People Insane, But It’s So Funny

When snow storms hit, janitors across the country know that they have a few long days ahead of them. Shoveling our own driveways is a nightmare, so can you imagine having to shovel paths across entire properties? That’s why this janitor decided to have a little fun. He helped people get to their destinations without ruining their shoes, but they had to put a little work in along the way. How could you be mad at this guy? We should just be mad at ourselves for not […]

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These Babies Are Experiencing Things For The First Time – And It’s Adorable.

Childhood is a time when literally everything is a wonderful new discovery. As jaded grown ups, we sometimes forget how exciting it was to experience things for the first time. For better (chocolate) or for worse (lemon), there’s nothing like the feeling of a life-changing epiphany. Take a minute to embrace your inner child and check out these adorable little ones who are uncovering some of life’s little mysteries.  The first time you see the sky explode with fireworks: YouTube The first time you witness the magic […]

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