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These Might Look Like Nature Photographs, But The Truth Is So Much Cuter

When it comes to viral content, there are few subjects more precious than amazing proposals and adorable pregnancy announcements. Not only do these couples get to immortalize some of their most important milestones, but they get to share them with the world in a way that brings us all a little bit closer together. The only hard part is making your proposal or announcement stand out. After all, the Internet is teeming with them. What this couple created, however, might just be the most unique pregnancy announcement […]

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A Loving Dad Creates Adorable Doodles Around His Baby Boy. He Can Be Anything.

Every good parent believes their child has the potential to be anything they set their mind to as they grow up. Supporting their ideas while keeping them grounded in reality is a big part of preparing children for the real world. This dad took that idea to the next level with his son, even before the kiddo learned how to crawl. Baby Khoi’s doodle adventures, courtesy of his dad, are documented in all their adorable glory on his blog, “Khoi World.” 1.) Cowboy Tumblr 2.) Snorkler Tumblr 3.) […]

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